5 Causes of Babies Having Low Birth Weight

Causes of Babies Having Low Birth Weight

As you know, the birth weight of a baby also determines his health. Birth weight also reflects the development of your child in the womb. Not surprisingly, low birth weight is something that is greatly feared by the Mama.

When does a baby called LBW or have a low birth weight? Generally, babies are born weighing around 3.5 kilograms. While the ideal weight of a newborn is 2.5-4.3 kilograms for baby boys, and 2.5-4.2 kilograms for baby girls.

Well, according to Stanford Children’s Health , babies can be called having a low birth weight if it weighs less than 2,500 grams (5 pounds, 8 ounces) or 2.5 kilograms. Based on the 2014 Indonesian Health Profile from the Indonesian Ministry of Health, LBW can not only occur in premature babies, Ma, but also in term infants who experience growth retardation during pregnancy.

Quoting the Association of Indonesian Pediatricians (IDAI), “When born, a baby’s weight contains a lot of body fluids which will disappear in a few days. Most babies lose 1/10 of their weight during the first five days and gain weight again in the next five days. On the tenth day, weight will usually return to birth weight. “

Even though IDAI says the baby’s weight will rise again in a few days, but still LBW is not something that can be underestimated, Ma. For that, Mama needs to be aware of things that cause low birth weight. Curious?

1. The baby is born prematurely

According to Stanford Children’s Health , the main cause of babies born with low weight is preterm labor, or born at the age of the womb less than 37 weeks.

Quoting the Stanford website, “Being born too fast makes a baby have less time to grow in the mother’s stomach. While most fetuses grow rapidly at the end of pregnancy.”

2. Fetal growth is not perfect

Besides premature labor, another thing that also often causes LBW infants is intrauterine growth restriction or IUGR. This happens when the fetus does not grow properly in the mother’s stomach, because there are problems with the placenta, maternal health, or other problems with the fetus.

Even so, babies who experience IUGR does not mean they cannot be born long enough. IUGR babies can also be born for months, or at 37 to 41 weeks’ gestation, Ma. But indeed, IUGR babies born at term are usually only physically mature, when in fact their health is weaker than non-IUGR babies born at term.

So what if an IUGR baby is born prematurely? According to Stanford, usually their bodies are very small and physically immature.

3. Lack of nutrition in the womb

“When you are pregnant, you have to eat for both of you,” meaning that the nutritional needs of the fetus can only be met from what you consume. Because, mama’s diet during pregnancy greatly affects the nutrients that enter the body, you know. Speaking of nutrition during pregnancy, it also means nutrition for the fetus in the mother’s stomach.

So implement a balanced diet during pregnancy, consumption of all types of nutrient-rich foods that are safe, healthy, and good for optimizing the growth of the little one in the stomach.

4. Mother’s age is too young

According to the Indonesian Ministry of Health , childbirth for women under the age of 20 has many risks, and one of them is low birth weight. Some other risks are premature birth and childbirth bleeding which can increase maternal and infant mortality.

The RI Ministry of Health’s page is written, “The 2012 Indonesian Demographic and Health Survey (IDHS) shows that neonatal, postneonatal, infant and under-five mortality rates for mothers aged less than 20 years are higher than for mothers aged 20-39 years.”

5. Iron deficiency

Quoting the 2014 Basic Health Profile of the Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Health, “Iron deficiency since before pregnancy if not treated can cause pregnant women to suffer from anemia. This condition can increase the risk of death during childbirth, give birth to babies with low birth weight, the fetus and mother are susceptible to infection, miscarriage, and increase the risk of premature babies being born. “

Well, those are the 5 reasons why babies are born with a low weight, which you have to be aware of. 

All of this information is useful and Mama is getting more and more enthusiastic about taking care of your baby’s health from the womb!

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