7 Cheap and Easier Baby Weight Loss Fruits

Cheap and Easier Baby Weight Loss Fruits

As a parent, Mama must be worried if Little is too thin. If it’s like this, the portion of food is added so that the child’s weight becomes ideal.

But remember Ma, don’t just add more portions. Also note the fiber and carbohydrate content in it which can increase a child’s weight.

Yes, good baby food is not only healthy but also able to increase body weight.

Reporting from the old Mom Junction, the following we summarized some healthy and delicious fruit that can help raise baby’s weight.

1. Bananas as a source of carbohydrates and energy

Banana is one of the fruits that can be a source of carbohydrates and also energy to be given to infants as one of the weight gain foods.

Mama can give a sweet and ripe banana child, so the baby can enjoy it while eating.

Serving bananas to babies can be cut into small pieces, processed into puree, made into milkshakes with additional milk, or just crushed using a spoon.

To be more optimal, Mama can give 1 or 1/2 fruit each day. 

2. Pears are rich in fiber and iron

Pears are one of the solid foods that Mama can give to babies to be able to increase their weight. Pears are very rich in fiber, iron, vitamin B6, and also vitamin C.

Mama can give this fruit in processed puree which can also be mixed with cinnamon and apples in it.┬áIn addition, another way to give pears to Mama’s child can be made in the form of pancakes.

3. Mango is given to babies over 12 months

This one fruit is very liked by children or adults. For adults, manga that are not too ripe are often used to make processed salad.

But for baby food, choose ripe mangoes and sweet. How to process it, Mama can make it look like puree.

Mangoes can be given to babies over 12 months. Mango can also provide nutrition that is needed by the baby so that it can help gain weight ideally.

4. Papaya contains 46 calories per 100 grams

Papaya is a fruit that is easily found in the tropics, the calorie content is quite a lot. Papaya also has a natural sugar content.

Mama can give this fruit as one of the main food companions. Papaya can help increase body weight because it has 46 calories per 100 grams.

Choose papaya that is ripe because the texture will be very soft, so it is easily digested by babies.

5. Dates contain sugar that can increase the baby’s weight

Other types of fruit that can help you gain weight are dates. Sugar and calories contained therein are believed to help increase weight very well.

Mama can give dates to children aged 12 months and above. Do not forget to separate the date palm seeds on the fruit so it is not eaten by children.

You should choose a good and reliable date, do not choose dates that have been mixed or artificial dates.

6. Wine is recommended for children over 7 months of age

Fruit that is small and has a purple or green color can also be one of the fruit choices that can increase a baby’s weight.

Mama can give wine to children in the form of juice. Mama can also give it directly, but don’t forget to separate the small seeds inside.

Wine is not recommended for consumption in children under the age of seven months. 

7. Apples contain natural antioxidants

Apple is a fruit that is quite popular, this fruit contains natural antioxidants that are very useful for the baby’s body.

In addition, this fruit also has a high enough calorie content, so it is very good to be used as a companion for your baby’s food in order to gain weight.

You can mix apples and pears together and then process it like puree. Give the baby every two days as a companion to its main food.

Well, those are the seven types of baby weight gain that are cheap and easy to get.

Good luck and hopefully useful!

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