Men Can Also Fake Orgasms, These are 5 Common Signs!

Men Can Also Fake Orgasms

f it’s usually women who fake orgasms, it turns out men have also done that. It sounds funny to admit it, because men usually do not have problems in reaching orgasm, whatever the style of making love.

In fact, men are known to be able to complete sex faster than women. But in reality, men have also pretended orgasms by doing some special tricks.

So, how do you know whether a man really has an orgasm or just falsifying him during intercourse?

1. Men will change speed

When a man wants to quickly end an intimate relationship, then it will appear from his physical movements that seem to have reached a climax quickly.

Usually fake orgasm in men occurs when he feels frustrated or bored. Therefore, if a man gives an inconclusive response when reaching a climax, then maybe he is faking it.

2. Men will change the tempo of their breath

Thank the movie When Harry Met Sally , in which some scenes show some men who are trying to fake an orgasm with a variety of styles to make love.

The first sign a man fakes his orgasm is a groan that comes out as if made up during intercourse. The next sign is when they change the tempo of their breathing.

Look at the change in the tempo of their breathing which was slow to faster to convince you that orgasm will soon occur.

3. Men won’t be stung terribly

Everyone knows that orgasm is created through a nervous system that stings like electricity, so if a man doesn’t seem to be stung enough, then that can be a clear sign that something isn’t right.

That is why a man who is faking an orgasm does not show that he is being ‘stung’. Has Papa ever done it?

4. The man suddenly pulls out his penis

One of the most obvious signs when a man falsifies his orgasm is when he suddenly pulls a penis out. This obviously can’t be done when a man really reaches orgasm.

If a man falsifies orgasm and immediately pulls the penis out, then you can see that he doesn’t really reach the climax.

5. Men will hide an erection

If a man has seen an orgasm, but the penis still looks hard as a rock, this means that orgasm is not really achieved. When men have an orgasm, their penis will return to its original shape.

To hide it, maybe men will immediately reverse their partners or change the style of lovemaking, like giving a kiss around the neck that might look cute, while waiting until you don’t realize that they are hiding an erection.

Well, those are the signs of men faking orgasm. After reading it, don’t think negatively first yes, the possibility of them pretending to orgasm is to protect your feelings.

If you find these signs during intercourse, then you can talk about it with your partner. That way, your relationship will be more open and pleasant.

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