5 Natural Ways to Increase Fertility To Get Pregnant Fast

Increase Fertility To Get Pregnant Fast

To crave the presence of Baby to complete family happiness is the dream of every married couple. There are couples who are quickly blessed with a baby, but there are also those who have to wait a long time to pet the Baby.

Factors that cause difficulties in having a baby are fertility. Fertility is influenced by various things, including unhealthy lifestyles. Although infertility can be treated with medical treatment, fertility can also be cultivated through natural means.

Consumption of balanced nutritious food

Prepare your body and your partner properly when running a pregnant program. In general, a nutritious and healthy body will be a good ‘land’ for fertilization and pregnancy.

Start by eating colorful grains and fruits every day. Not only that, you also need to increase your intake of good fats such as omega-3 fatty acids. Eat salmon 1-2 times per week, or eggs that have been fortified with DHA.

Avoid trans fat, multiply protein from vegetable rather than animal, and support it by consuming one portion of animal fat from dairy products per day.

Manage weight

Lack or being overweight can significantly affect a person’s fertility. Women with underweight, indicated by a BMI lower than 19 kg / M2, need four times more effort to get pregnant than women with normal weight (19-24 kg / M2).

On the other hand, women who are overweight may have insulin resistance. That means too much insulin circulates in the body that interferes with menstruation. Estrogen production from fat cells can also affect the ovaries and inhibit egg production every month.

Discover healthy eating and living. Not just lose or increase body weight. But manage healthy eating habits and exercise that can still be done during pregnancy.

Take supplements

Consult with your doctor whether you need to take multivitamins and prenatal supplements that contain folic acid during the pregnancy program. During the early weeks of pregnancy, even before Mama realized that Mama was pregnant, an embryonic nerve tube was developing.

Consumption of supplements containing folic acid will reduce the risk of birth defects in the fetus.

Limit caffeine and alcohol

Research shows that caffeine contributes to fertility problems, both in men and women. Experts agree that a reasonable consumption of caffeine in a day is less than 200 milligrams per day, equivalent to 1-2 cups of eight ounces of coffee.

Meanwhile, alcohol has long been known to be avoided when planning a pregnancy. Excessive alcohol consumption can cause ovulation disorders, menstruation, and abnormalities in the endometrial lining. Alcohol can also change estrogen and progesterone levels.

Manage stress

Maybe Mama has heard it before. Yes, right, stress can increase cortisol levels or stress hormones. Cortisol can temporarily shut down the reproductive system.

Of course, stress can affect your relationship with your partner and make intimacy more difficult. Try doing yoga or meditation to reduce tension and anxiety. If you feel unable to handle it yourself, do not hesitate to ask for professional help to control stress.

Here are some simple things you can do with your partner while preparing to run a pregnant program. Hopefully this is useful!

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