6 Precautions to Avoid When Underwent a Pregnancy Program

Precautions to Avoid When Underwent a Pregnancy Program

Undergo a pregnancy program is like a game that waits so big and full of mystery. We cannot predict when God will bestow a new life in our wombs.

Even so, there are many things you can do to support your efforts to have a baby. Starting from eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, taking vitamins, watching the menstrual cycle and ovulation. But not only need to pay attention to what needs to be done, you and your partner also need to pay attention to the things that should be avoided you know.

The following summarizes six restrictions that should be avoided while undergoing a pregnant program, reported from thebump.com:

1. Smoking

Everyone knows, smoking is very detrimental to health. Smoking can increase the risk of lung, intestinal, pancreatic cancer, and affect fertility.

Smoking risks to accelerate the aging of ovarian follicles which can cause early menopause and affect fertility. Not only in terms of women, men also must avoid smoking when together undergoing a pregnant program.

Because the research found that habits and lifestyle are very influential on the structure and function of sperm. Cigarettes also contribute to damage to sperm structure.

If you and your partner stop smoking now, the damage caused by cigarettes can be slowly repaired by the body within three months.

2. Consumption of caffeine

Caffeine consumption is not completely prohibited. But you can consider reducing the portion. A journal published in 2016 from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine shows that drinking more than five cups of coffee per day can affect a decrease in fertility.

While drinking more than 200 mg of caffeine a day (equivalent to two cups of coffee) during pregnancy, can actually increase the risk of miscarriage. Keep in mind, each type of coffee contains a different amount of caffeine. Tea, hot chocolate, energy drinks and soda also contain caffeine.

3. Sports are too extreme

Exercise is recommended to maintain health that can indirectly increase fertility. However, you need to avoid sports that are too extreme. A study found that exercise that is carried out strongly with high intensity is associated with decreased quality of fertility.

One possible reason is that extreme exercise can cause a pretty drastic weight loss. This also affects hormones, causing irregular periods.

4. Fish that is high in mercury

Fish, especially salmon and sardines, are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids to encourage fetal brain development. However, some types of fish can contain high amounts of mercury which can harm the developing baby’s brain.

In addition, mercury can inhibit pregnancy opportunities. Avoid fish with high levels of toxin, such as king mackarel and tilefish.

5. Lubricants that harm sperm

Using lubricants during intercourse is okay. But make sure to use lubricants that are friendly to fertility. Some brands of lubricants contain ingredients that affect sperm motility in vitro . Although some research shows that these lubricants may not directly affect your chances of getting pregnant.

To be safe, choose a lubricant that has a balanced pH, to imitate the body’s natural lubrication without affecting the sperm of a partner.

6. BPA or Bisphenol-A

BPA or Bisphenol-A is found in many household products. BPA is a chemical that disrupts endocrine, which can affect the body’s hormonal function. Including hormones associated with the female reproductive system.

Research has found that fertile women have lower BPA levels in their bodies. It also shows that high BPA levels in the body can reduce fertilization success. This is related to disorders in the menstrual cycle, changes in reproduction anatomy, and hormonal changes.

Scientists are still researching more deeply how BPA can affect fertility. But if you are running a pregnant program, it is best to avoid eating packaged foods (canned foods, for example) and increasing consumption of fresh foods. Choose food stored in glass containers rather than plastic or cans. Use glass or stainless steel water bottles, not plastic ones.

Those are the six restrictions that should be avoided when running a pregnant program. Maintaining a healthy body in the time of preparing for pregnancy is important, but do not forget also the importance of maintaining psychological health You and your partner yes!

I hope this information is helpful.

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