What’s hemp flour?


Hemp is an fantastic plant

we do not think there are many human beings left that may look you in the attention and deny that.

Hemp has been used for hundreds of years for the whole thing from clothing and twine to gas and medication.

We’re here today not to talk approximately hemp flower  but hemp flour!


What’s hemp flour?

You could have heard of (or attempted) hemp protein – a nutrient-packed plant-powered protein powder packed with all of the amino acids and an abundance of healing phytonutrients; nutrients, minerals, and greater.

Nicely, hemp protein is just like, however very one-of-a-kind from hemp flour. We will speak the important thing difference between the 2 in a moment. First, we want to proportion how we create our hemp flour.

We’re very thankful that allows you to hold this product in-house by developing all of our personal hemp seeds – those hemp seeds are from plant life with especially-selected genetics that enhance the nutrient profile.

We bloodless-press our hemp seeds to extract the oils (if we didn’t get rid of the oils from the hemp seeds, they would change into hemp butter when milled – despite the fact that some of the wholesome hemp seed oil does remain at the back of and grow to be inside the hemp flour).


After pressing the oil from the hemp seeds, what is left is known as a ‘hemp cake.’ this hemp cake is gently milled and changed into our heavenly, nutrient-dense hemp flour. Hemp flour is:


  • 100% vegan/vegetarian
  • 100% grain-loose
  • 100% gluten-loose
  • 100% dairy-free
  • 100% paleo-friendly
  • 100% keto-pleasant

Nutrient Hemp Flour 

Hemp flour contains vital nutrients as :    

  • Omega-3/Omega-6 essential fatty acids  
  • B vitamins
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Phosphorous
  • Copper
  • Potassium
  • Sulfur
  • Fiber (60%+ soluble/40% insoluble)
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Lignanamides (fascinating molecules that promote overall health)
  • 20 Amino Acids (including all nine essentials)


What’s exciting is how a number of the nutrients discovered in excessive levels in hemp flour is that many of them regularly pinnacle the lists of the vitamins and minerals in which humans have a tendency to be maximum deficient.

Take magnesium, as an example – experts estimate that as a whole lot as seventy five% of american citizens do not meet the encouraged every day allowance (rda) for this all-essential nutrient dubbed the ‘relaxation mineral.’ magnesium is used by the body in masses of processes and is distinctly tough to get from the weight loss plan. Hemp flour just occurs to be one of the most magnesium-wealthy meals sources recognized.

Simply three tablespoons of hemp seeds can supply up to 50% of your rda for magnesium. Zinc is some other high-quality example of ways hemp is healthful.

Zinc has been shown to support the immune gadget in a diffusion of studies.

Extra research indicates as plenty as 40% of the aged lack this important micronutrient.

Three tablespoons of hemp seeds incorporate as plenty as 31-43% of your rda for zinc (respectively for male or girl).



One of the most tremendous benefits of hemp flour comes from its fiber content material.

At over 60% soluble fiber, it’s close to the threshold of what may be officially dubbed a ‘prebiotic.’ soluble fiber becomes a nourishing gel in the gut that promotes a healthful microbiome, as this special gel acts as food for suitable bacteria.

And then, of path, phosphorous, magnesium, and calcium are the mighty trio for dental health. Without the right stability of all three of those minerals, most useful enamel energy can’t be carried out.

Hemp fibers are very long lasting, so it makes feel that eating it might transfer a number of this structural energy to our our bodies. It’s also superb for a plant-protein to be entire – quinoa is one of the only other examples. By weight, hemp seeds provide about as tons protein as lamb or pork.

Persevering with the awesomeness, hemp flour gives a hefty dose of the vital fatty acids ala and los angeles (omega-3 and omega-6) of their best 1:3 ratio for optimum health.

Now not only are critical fatty acids more missing in our contemporary diets, however finding them together on this ideal ratio is extraordinary anywhere but with hemp meals.

Hemp flour additionally includes a wholesome fatty acid referred to as gamma-linoleic acid (gla) that many humans take for a spread of fitness problems (gla dietary supplements are generally crafted from nighttime primrose oil).

Also gift is stearidonic acid that’s essential for boosting stages of dha – a critical brain and fearful system constructing block.


How to Use Hemp Flour


At the same time as hemp flour does not upward push and consequently isn’t always a total substitute for all baking flours, we endorse experimenting with diverse ratios of hemp flour to regular flour in your home-cooked creations.

Adding hemp flour in your regular recipe will essentially turn any plain baked right into a healing superfood. We propose approximately 25% hemp flour within the vicinity of another baking flour in your recipe, although that is an insignificant guiding principle – no longer a strict protocol. A 3:1 ratio of regular flour to hemp flour will create a dense and hearty loaf, while a 7:1 ratio could result in a mostly everyday roll however with flecks of lifestyles-giving hemp.

White flour (frequently enriched and bleached, no longer the greatest things for fitness) remains the maximum not unusual flour in our meals supply, and for this reason is hard to avoid. But, we inspire experimenting with more healthy flours like almond, coconut, or oat. Wheat flour can also be superb for you, specifically while the usage of flour from heirloom varieties which includes einkorn, spelt, rye, and difficult wintry weather wheat. Like something in lifestyles, you may must mess around a chunk and notice what works first-rate for you. Normally speaking, hemp flour has an earthy, nutty flavor, and imparts a delightfully dense and granular texture – much like cornflour (any cornflour tortilla enthusiasts right here?).

For those humans with allergies and sensitivities, how often do you encounter a baking flour this is grain-free, gluten-loose, and dairy-loose? We sense that hemp flour may be best for:

  • Athletes
  • Bodybuilders
  • People with gluten intolerance or Celiac
  • Expectant Mothers
  • Children
  • Vegans/Vegetarians
  • Anyone and everyone

many people are forced to resort to strict diets for various reasons, and this could regrettably cast off many nutritional favorites. But, using hemp flour method you may have your cake and consume it too. Do not cut out your preferred brownie recipe because it’s ‘unhealthy.’ alternatively, improve that vintage cookbook recipe to apply a piece of hemp flour and spot how excellent it makes you experience. The end result can be getting to preserve the leisure of your favorite past due-night chocolate indulgence, even as additionally benefiting from a ridiculous amount of healthful nutrition. It may sound like a funny story or a smoked-out income pitch, but it is merely the pleasure and healing that hemp has been waiting see you later to share with us.


Will hemp flour get you high?

Surely, hemp flour will now not get you excessive. The tiers of active cannabinoids in any hemp meals are exceptionally low, and the quantity of hemp flour you would need to consume to get any substantial dosage would possibly be more than your body weight. So relaxation clean, whilst any truffles you’re making with our hemp flour will certainly be special, they might not be ‘special’ in case you trap our go with the flow.



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